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A sworn translator

What is a Sworn Translator?

A Sworn Translator (known as 'Traductor Público' in Argentina) is a university professional whose responsibility is the translation of any document, written in a foreign language (e.g., English) or in Spanish, to be submitted before governmental departments, entities or organizations. He is the only professional qualified to act as an interpreter in courts of law.

"A sworn translator is responsible for translating documents written in a foreign language into the national language, and vice versa, in the cases established by law or at the request of the interested party."

The Sworn Translators' Association of the City of Buenos Aires governs the professional practice and administers the licence. All professionals holding a degree in Certified Translation granted by an Argentine university, either private or state-run, may become members of this Association.

In addition, the services rendered by a sworn translator may be requested for translating any written material, in the private field, requiring professional responsibility and a high level of specialization.

Act 20 305 (1973) regulates the professional practice of the Sworn Translator within the jurisdiction of the City of Buenos Aires and before the powers of the National Government and its departments and agencies.