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Curriculum vitae

Services at .::translational::. are provided by Mariela Santoro.


  • Certified/Sworn Translator (English<>Spanish). She graduated from the School of Law and Social Sciences of the University of Buenos Aires (UBA), Argentina, in 2000. She was awarded the undergraduate degree in ENGLISH<>SPANISH SWORN/LEGAL TRANSLATION STUDIES.
  • She completed the postgraduate program "Master's Degree in Translation" offered at the University of Belgrano. Dissertation: "Metadiscourse pattens in specialized translation: application to court decisions as legal genres".
  • From 1998 to date, she has worked as a freelance translator in different subjects.
  • Official interpreter in marriage ceremonies at Civil Register Offices within the City of Buenos Aires, and also in media simulations in companies.
  • Member of the Sworn Translators' Association of the City of Buenos Aires (CTPCBA).


  • She completed the Common Professional Cycle pertaining to the undergraduate degree in Law offered at the University of Buenos Aires.
  • She has taken French courses at the Alliance Française.


  • English coaching courses offered to businesspeople and professinals.
  • Since 2009, she has worked at the National University of Lanús (Argentina) as an Assistant Professor in charge of the subjects Technical Translation II and III, and Legal Translation I and II of the undergraduate degree in English<>Spanish Sworn/Legal Translation.
  • Since 2011, she has worked as Permanent Proofreader in the professional practice program required for the undergraduate students of translation program at the National University of Lanús. Her tasks involve reviewing the English versions produced by the students, which will be published online in the web site of Salud Colectiva journal (a scientific release published every four months). 
  • Since 2014, she has worked as a teacher at CAECE University (Mar del Plata college), in charge of the subject Specialization Seminar.
  • As a teacher at the National University of Lanús, she has taken part in several research projects focused on translation and language.  


  • Desde otra mirada. Textos de teoría crítica del Derecho. Courtis, Christian (Compiler). Ed. Eudeba. Publishing Department of the Law School at the University of Buenos Aires. Buenos Aires, March 2001. Translated text into Spanish: "El sexo del Derecho" (original title: "The Sex of Law") by Frances Olsen. Pages 305 to 324. (Translation credits on page 1).
  • Desigualdad en el ingreso como determinante social de la salud (Original title: "Income inquality a social determinant of health") by De Maio, Fernando (Author). Translation into Spanish. Salud Colectiva journal. Publishing Department at the University of Buenos Aires. Vol. 6 #2. Buenos Aires, 2010. Pages 195 to 206. (Translation credits on page 206).


  • Courses, workshops and sessions on translation (Spanish into English and English into Spanish) organized by CTPCBA and other institutions, dealing with different fields of specialization.
  • 5th Latin American Conference of Translation and Interpreting: "Translating cultures: a bicentennial challenge".
  • 3rd Latin American Conference of Translation and Interpreting: "From Babel to Internet".
  • Courses in Spanish grammar and style organized by CTPCBA.
  • More than fifteen teachers' training seminars.
  • More than thirty courses in translation strategies and techniques.
  • PROCADO (in Spanish, Programa de Capacitación Docente Continua) is a permament training program for university teachers for their professional development at the National University of Lanús.