::Translational:: Professional Translation Services

Why .::translational::.?

It is the solution to meet the needs of any individual, professional or organization aiming for serious, responsible and reliable translation services. For successful projects, deals, transactions and proceedings, .::translational::. is the perfect solution.

It is oriented to:

  • individuals
  • professionals
  • law firms
  • accounting firms
  • press consulting groups
  • SMEs
  • multinational companies
  • governmental entities
  • foundations
  • NGOs
  • universities
  • etc.
Why Translational?

When submitting your documents, you are delegating your trust. In return, .::translational::. offers:

QUALITY. Essential requirement and main explanation why clients always come back.

SWIFTNESS. Meeting deadlines set by clients is a top priority.

RESPONSIBILITY. The aim is always an unmistakable and a true message, resulting from research and commitment to work.

CONFIDENTIALITY. The documentation received will be confidential and subject to professional secrecy. Private, financial and business facts will be kept unrevealed.

GUARANTEE. The documents are translated by a Sworn Translator, member of the Sworn Translators' Association of the City of Buenos Aires (CTPCBA), to which only professionals graduated from an Argentine University may belong.

METHODOLOGY. Before delivering the final version, a precise and detailed proofreading task is always carried out.

EXPERIENCE. More than fifteen years in the translation field.